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We're not a rock band playing reggae or a reggae band playing rock. We're Orange Grove and we love making music we love. Hopefully you can dig it too!  

Michael Maidwell

Born on St. Maarten, 21/10/79

Favorite album ever: "Babylon by Bus" by Bob Marley and the Wailers

Quote: Life is too short to feel that stress

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Jacob streefkerk

Born in the Netherlands, 19/12/78

Favorite album ever: "Kaya" by Bob Marley and the Wailers

Quote: hmmm..human music. I like!!

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Tim Kesteloo

Born in the Netherlands, 28/12/86

Favorite album ever: "Diamond Eyes" by the Deftones

Quote: Believe in yourself! 

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DarreLl Laclé

Born on Aruba, 20/11/80

Favorite album ever: "Lateralus" by Tool

Quote: There is not one quote or meme that will always apply to every situation.

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robert biEsewig

Born in Germany, 02/02/83

Favorite album ever: "Inspiration Information" by Shuggie Otis

Quote: Research it!

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